Here are the most popular water borehole benefits

1. It's A Long-term Investment

It may seem like a large upfront cost, but a properly constructed water borehole should last you at least ten to fifteen years with proper maintenance and minimal running or ongoing costs during that period.

2. Water Boreholes Increases Property Value

Having your own groundwater source also means you're better able to take care of your property during times of water shortage, further increasing the property value.

3. You Will Save Money In The Long Run

Not only will you cut down on your use of water from the municipal supply for large volume consumption activities such as topping up your swimming pool, watering the garden and taking on building and renovation projects that require water.

You will also save on your water tariffs, and especially on the fines imposed on overuse of municipal water during drought and times of water restrictions due to water scarcity.

4. They Are Easy To Maintain

If your water borehole has been properly constructed from the get-go, proper borehole maintenance is a breeze.

5. Borehole Water Has Health Benefits

Borehole water is rich in naturally occurring minerals and hasn't been treated or altered with any man-made chemical additives.

6. There Will Be Less Strain on Municipal Supply

The lower the demand on the municipal supply, the less likely water restrictions are to be imposed, and the more likely necessary state operations like fire fighters are to have access to adequate water resources for activities like disaster prevention.

7. Enjoy An Uninterrupted Supply

Sometimes accidents happen and water from the municipal line becomes temporarily unavailable due to burst mains or necessary maintenance on pipelines etc.

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