Sewer Systems

A sanitary sewer or a foul sewer systems is an underground pipe ot tunnel system for transporting sewage from houses and commercial buildings to treatment facilities or disposal.Sanitary sewers are a part an overall system called a sewage system or sewerage.

What are the use of sewer systems?

Sewerage systems are sewer networks for the collection of waste water, conveying it via pipes, conduits and anciliary works from its point of origin to treatment works prior to discharge back into the environment.Synonyms for sewerage systems are - Drain, Drainpipe, sewerage, waste pipes and many more.Sewage treatment usually involves three stages called the primary, secondary and tertiary treatment process.

Two different types of sewerage systems

  1. A seperate sewer system - These types of sewer systems have two seperate pipes, with one pipe conveying stormwater from and one pipe conveying sanitary sewer.
  2. Combined sewer systems - These types of sewer systems has one pipe that conveys a mix of sanitary and stormwater.